Online sales portals, business-to-business (B2) and business to customer (B2C)

Real time Logistics from raw materials to finish products

Our Definiton of logistics is an open data exchange platform here of all commercial activities and all for necessary product informations, all Instructions for stock movement, all conditions of payment of the trade partners which enjoing supply-chain.

Only a cross-companies supply-chain, which is also dynamically adaptable / matchable, forms the basis for:

-   Informations/datas check - in real-time

-   Data exchange between different IT-systems of the trade partners - in real time

With the goal:

-   to order material in real time

-   error free processing and a real time processing monitoring of the procedures

-   a real time - Tracking of the orders from…. to….

This is for us not a desire conception separates practice with our b2b-Logistik-Partner to Hamburg port.


We create online shop portals, so that the economic and direct way to the customers find the products.

For goods shipments domestically and in particular in European countries are directly from the warehouse by our b2b/b2c online shop logistics partner in Hamburg.

Hansekon online stores were shipping processing for b2b (business to business) and b2c (business to consumer) is all over Europe in all forms through a b2b tool (logistics made in Germany) also bi-directional support with all computer data interface (SAP).

Package shipping with efficient package service for Germany and all of Europe

UPS, DHL, DPD, normal package or cash on delivery.

Payment be made with secure PayPal and credit card companies directly by our customers.

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